Upholstery Cleaning Featured

Revive Your Tired Old Upholstery Today!


Benefits Of Upholstery Cleaning
  • Makes old furniture look like new agian
  • Furniture is left feeling soft and smelling fresh
  • Sanitises and cleans your furniture
  • Removes allergens dust and bacteria


At Mess Be Gone we only use the best techniques to safely clean your delicate upholstery. We know because of pets, children and general wear and tear, your upholstry will begin to show signs of stains and discolouration over time, Mess Be Gone provide removal of all these things and more from your fabrics.

Your favorite lounge or recliner has seen you through the highs and lows life has to offer, so why not treat your favorite piece of furniture to a bit of love and care. Regular cleaning of Upholstery is required to extend the life of your fabrics.  Just like your carpets need cleaning so does your Upholstery.

At Mess Be Gone we use specialised equipment for all Upholstery cleaning that produces the hottest of water possible to remove even the most stubborn of marks. Together with our equipment and years of knowledge we can leave your furniture clean and normally dry within only a few hours or less.

Over the years we have worked hard to develop the best methods and our most common method used is.


The first step is almost the most important. We carefully inspect your fabrics to ensure they are safe to Steam Clean. Not all fabrics can be Steam Cleaned.  To learn more about how to identify if your fabric can be steam cleaned head over to our FAQ page to find out more. After determining your fabrics are Steam Cleanable we check over your entire piece of furniture to detect any signs of damage or possible damage cleaning may cause.


When required we give your furniture and good vacumm to remove any dirt hair or items to ensure the best cleaning results. Of course if you would like to save both time and money we can skip this step if you would like to do this yourself.


This is when we carefully spray our detergents (Pre-spray) and any required specialised products on your furniture to break down the built up grease and grime.


This is the most important step in the process. This is where the use of our specialised upholstery cleaning equipment shines. With the use of Clean Hot water and powerful vacuum; we rinse and extract the detergents and dirt.  After the initial cleaning process we give it a second extraction to speed up the drying process.

Of course nobody is perfect and sometimes your upholstery requires addition steps and/or treatments to ensure maximum results. Each and every job is evaluated on a job to job basis so no 2 jobs are ever the same.