Specialised Stain Removal


Do you have unsightly stains?  Have you had other Carpet Cleaner try and are unsuccessful at removing Stains.

From Soft Drinks to Red Wine, Food based stains to Make-up. When left untreated overtime, stains become harder to remove, Not all Carpet Cleaners are equal, Some techniques others may use quite often leave some stains behind, leaving your carpets looking no different than before. At Mess Be Gone we use a wide variety of techniques and products to permanently remove stains.

From years of experience we know not all stains are created equal. While some stains can be removed with basic detergents (pre-sprays) others require specific products, For example lipsticks contain products like wax and oils. Basic chemistry tells us that oil and water does not mix, While some Carpet Cleaners may try and remove your old Lipstick stains with water based products this will almost always end in failed results. To truly remove oil based stains; specialised products directed at oil based stains is the only true way to remove such products.

The same is said for other types of stains.  At Mess Be Gone we treat each stain with the desired product to once and for all remove the stains permanently.

While most stains can be removed during normal cleaning processes sometimes this is not the case. Take for example red based stains. If you have ever tried to remove a red stain from your clothes you would of noticed normal cleaning does not seem to fully remove them.  The same is said for your Carpets and Upholstery. Mess Be Gone uses products that are designed to remove the red from these stains and bring your carpets back to their absolute best.

Don’t believe us!  Take a look at the video below and watch as we remove Red food colouring in a process known as Heat Transfer. Of course the same techniques used below can be used to remove other types of stains.

Red Stain Removal




Ink Removal
Ink & Dyes can be hard to remove but with the right products and techniques anything is possible.